Rubenstein family

About Us:

We are family owned and operated, and in 2005 we celebrated 100 years in the food industry.  Adolph Rubenstein started in the egg and poultry business. His son Sidney Rubenstein changed our distribution direction by marketing frozen shrimp in the late 1940’s.  Rubenstein Foods, Inc with Marvin Rubenstein as President along with Everett Rosenberg and Stanley Rubenstein, was known nationally as a breaded shrimp processor and direct importer of frozen seafood until the late 1980’s.  Our current sales staff has over 60 years of experience as we have been a producer, packer, importer, trader, broker and sales agent.

Experts in the field of frozen shrimp, we also sell many other fish items from around the world.  Barry Rubenstein, 4th generation, created Rubenstein Seafood Sales, Inc.  in 1992.  The business has continued to the 5th generation with sons Adam and Jason joining the sales team.  We have changed with each new trend selling seafood nationwide. We look forward to working with our current customers along with new ones, sharing our expertise today and in the years to come.

Barry   Jason   Adam